Giving An American A Sweet Blowjob, And Sex After ♥

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I met this guy in California. It was lovely being there~ ♥ It was fun seeing the look on the guys whenever they see me. One of them I heard whisperering to his friends "hey look at that asian chick. damn she got titties and a damn fine ass" haha ♥ I got turned on so I went to him and Introduced myself~ He invited me to a party that night, and after that party I gave her my sweetest blowjob.. and rode him on top like crazy ♥

Getting Fucked From Behind By An Arab Man In Dubai ♥

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Oh gosh~ It's true what they say that Arab guys have big cocks and that they're horny as hell! umm! he really filled my tight hole with his big Arab cock and fucked me doggie style for more than 30minutes! omg! ♥

Romance In Germany ♥

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I met this German guy from a travel website. He emailed me and said he saw in my profile that I'm interested in Germany, and that he could show me around. I knew what that "show me around" means ♥ and being the good girl that I am, I happy went there and met him. In this video you can see me giving him a passionate blowjob. I really gave my heart into it so I hope you enjoy!

In Australia While On A Working Holiday Visa ♥

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Getting fucked from down under ♥ It was a hot doggy style and is one of my favorite sex videos. I might sound like I'm bragging but I just love the curves of my body ♥

Being Dominated In Nigeria ღ

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So many of my friends advised me not to go to Nigeria alone because it's dangerous. But once I heard the word dangerous, it just made me more excited! I guess I'm really just an adventurous girl and I wanted to meet the dangerous men there. And I did~ and wow! They're big and strong and dominant in bed ♥

Guess Where In Mexico Is This D

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It's in Juarez ♥ shocked? maybe you will be more shocked when you hear what's next ♥ The guy fucking me doggie style in this video is one of the big drug lords there~ crazy right? well I'm a crazy girl! and my trip there was one of the craziest!

Reverse Asian Cowgirl In Brazil ♥

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I was just enjoying the Rio beach playing beach volleyball with my friends when a group of Brazilian guys whistled and told me that for an Asian girl, I've got an ass like a Brazilan girl ♥ and you know what's next.. I went home with him ♥

Filipino Guy Licking My Pussy Like Crazy~

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Oh..~ This is one really crazy experience. He was so crazy for me that he licked my pussy like a madman for 15minutes straight and fucked me everywhere.. my mouth, my pussy and my ass ♥ I think Filipino guys are so horny! haha

From France With Love ♥

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Before I went to France, my girlfriends told me that French guys are really good in bed and I didn't believe them until I tried it myself ♥ he really knows how to work my tight asian body.. uhhmm.. I'm getting wet just by remembering this experience

Doggie Style In India!

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Indian guys like black South African guys come to you hard! I guess they love my white asian silky skin. This Indian guy grinded on me in the club and backhugged me and wouldn't let me go. He said he really wants me for the night, and while most girls might get annoyed or offended.. It was an instant turn on for me ♥

Getting Fucked By A Black Guy In South Africa ♥ OMG~

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Black guys from South Africa come to you hard!! hehe this guy lives near the hostel where I was staying. He saw me outside going to the market to buy some stuff and he immediately took the opportunity to get to know me. And said I'm really sexy and that he really wants to fuck an asian girl. That made me instantly wet! and it lead to this video~ I think his cock was around 10 inches! gosh!

Getting Fucked From Behind On A Sofa In UK ♡

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I met this guy on a travel website when I was planning my trip to UK. To be honest he wasn't even my type of guy. He was a little nerdy hihi and shy. But it was kinda cute how his cock went alive when I started stripping in front of him ♥

Outdoor Sex In Indonesia ♥

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It was my first time in Indonesa so I hired a guide. When I noticed that he kept on checking my boobs and ass out, I thought it would be fun to seduce him. So when I saw him just sitting near a tree, I saw on his lap and the rest.. you can see in the video ♥ it was a really hot experience!

Naked Drunk Party At A Barcelona Hotel

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Here's my first sex trip, in Spain! I met a spanish guy, but he was black umm anyway~ he grinded me in the club so i immediately felt how big he is, and he invited me over to his condo where we had a naked drunk party with his friends ♥ so fun!